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Vendor FAQ’s:


Q. How much does it cost for a stall?

Check our current vending fees HERE


Q. How do I apply for the market? 

If you would like to offer locally made, baked or grown products for sale at our market. You can find an online application HERE.

You may also fill out your application over the phone, or in person at our office.


Cranbrook Farmer's Market:

19 9th Avenue South

Downtown Cranbrook


IMPORTANT: Please call or email in advance to schedule an appointment.



Jessica Kazemi - Market Manager


Phone: (250) 432-9264

Heather Viers - Market Day Coordinator


Phone: (250) 464-9712


Q. When does the market operate?

Find our market hours & locations here >>>


Q. What products can I sell at the market?

Our biggest requirement is that everything be made, baked, grown or produced locally. All products will be reviewed by our selection committee to determine eligibility. 


Q. What are the health regulations regarding the production/selling of food products at the market?

Guidelines from Interior Health are posted on our website here >>> . Please read these over very carefully.

Vendors of higher risk foods (defined in guidelines) must contact the local Interior Health Authority –phone 250.420.2220 - to submit an application and be approved prior to selling at a market. Vendors of lower risk foods (defined in guidelines), are not required to submit an application. It is the vendor's and the market manager’s responsibility to ensure that all lower risk foods in fact meet the definition as per Interior Health. 


Q. What do I need to bring? 

Everything that you will require for your display, including product, tables, display items, signage, float, a tent if you wish to use one, any necessary permits (food producers) etc. We provide a 10 x 10’ empty space for you to fill. Attractive, well laid out products at an inviting market stall are the best way to invite people to shop. 


Q. Do I need a tent?

A tent is not necessary, but can be nice to have, as protection from the elements – sun, rain, etc. However, the other element is wind, and if you choose to use a tent, you MUST have some form of weights/tie-downs to secure the tent in case of wind gusts.

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